How Does LeadBrain Work?

LeadBrain collects leads automatically through three methods:

Website Forms

If your form can send an e-mail, it can flow automatically in LeadBrain. LeadBrain will parse out contact information and more automatically.

E-Mail Addresses

Have a sales e-mail address that you use on your sales literature, or maybe your website? Leads that come into that e-mail address can also flow automatically into LeadBrain.

Phone Calls

LeadBrain integrates tightly with CallRail to sync call data into LeadBrain where additional data can be added to measure the effectiveness of your leads that originate by phone call.

Set Up In Under 5 Minutes

Generate a unique e-mail address for your online campaigns and plug that into your website forms.

Forward your tracking e-mail addresses ( to the unique e-mail address.

Copy and paste your API key from your CallRail account into LeadBrain.

Use LeadBrain to collect, track, and measure your leads and determine ROI. It's easy to get started!

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